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Part 1 - GF first saw me at the club turns into a masturbation directly bf sub 2 I could not believe what I missed. The new man turned to me and gave me a big smile while holding the back of my head gf her gag slightly on your 7 ' cock (which was about the same size as me). Martin was very strong now and Melanie moved the mouth of the new guys cock vidsvidsvids as he was able to kiss. took her in his arms wrapped tightly with close behind her and her passion, her tongue exploring each others mouth. For a moment it seemed that her friend and me. was the stranger While my girlfriend and kissed Martin, the new man was moving around the end of the bed and began to Mel in the ass and took a couple of times caress was at this point, saying Martin. 'Are you ready to have two cocks while being sexy', which my girlfriend moaning, 'Yes, Martin, but please be kind. 'Martin was the new guy a thumbs up again, which resulted in him plunge into her ass with his Tongue. Mel groaned again, 'MMMM vidsvidsvids Jamie ( my name) that feels so good. ' Martin nodded to me, a response to what I said something stupid like 'I'm glad you vidsvidsvids like it to be. The new man is mocked back to me my weak reaction when he slipped a finger into your anus and know vidsvidsvids that my girlfriend would double with Martin. Mel moaned again as the new guy was working on a second finger, spits in his act the anus as a lubricant. he turned to me and motioned that something under the seat. I looked and saw some condoms and lubricant few. I picked up two positions in each hand and held it for vidsvidsvids him to get what he wanted. took the lubricant and passed the bottle. Can you believe that he actually gave the bottle, so my gf could lubricant ass up ! When lubricant poured on her slit back, I suddenly realized that Martin did not even a condom and it seemed that the new guy had no intention. Too late again as the new boy stuck his dick in my blindfolded gf is below. Mel screamed and struggled, but Martin hugged her and said, 'being a good bitch and take his penis,' to which she replied: ' Ok Martin' inch by inch, the new guys cock disappeared into my girlfriend in the ass.. after a few minutes she began to walk back to him and the three got into a rhythm. Mel was now a shock as two cocks in the life of her pussy and ass. Martin now call them all kinds of things, ' You hungry cock like a slut ' and 'You're a dirty girl '.. Mel seemed to insults and kissed him and complained after each even said, ' I love being a dirty girl,' This vidsvidsvids was a complete contrast inch character of the girl who knew and loved....... Part 3 coming soon if YA'LL still interested, All I could do was look
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Dimanche 13 mai 7 13 /05 /Mai 22:34

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